Handicapped Door and ADA Handicap Doors

If you are handicapped, you know a handicapped door makes entering or exiting a building much easier. A handicapped door will allow a handicapped person to come and go with little or no assistance, and provide safety to those who need it most. Handicapped doors come in many different styles and varieties. A list of the types of handicapped doors is below.

  • Sensor Automatic
  • Remote Control Automatic
  • Combination Automatic Door

The handicapped door with the sensor opens when it detects a motor. This type of handicapped door is good for the disabled person who cannot use their hands. The touch handicapped door opens when you touch a panel or wall switch. Most like the remote handicapped door. This type of door opens with the touch of a button much like the button for your car. Now the combination door has several ways you can open this door. You can combine the push and go methods or manual open. However, you can have a remote control for this type of door as well.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 was passed and requires access for people with disabilities in any place of business. With this act in mind all businesses have an automatic door in place for the convenience of people with disabilities. If a building or place of business does not already have an ADA handicap door for the disabled, the company must comply by having an easy access door installed on the ground level of the building. At IDS Doors, OUR BUSINESS IS TO INSTALL THE HIGHEST STANDARD HANDICAPPED DOOR FOR YOUR BUSINESS.

Our doors are in compliance with the ANSI Standards and installed with the clients and their needs in mind. Our company cares about how your customers feel about your company. We install the doors for your company as if we are installing them for our friends and family who are disabled. The installation of the automatic handicap doors will allow your handicapped customers to come and go at their leisure without the door hindering their passageways. The doors are installed with extra hold time if needed and most doors are a maintenance free door.

Our company has 25 years' experience installing handicap doors for companies. We pride ourselves with bringing you a door at an affordable price with quality workmanship. Our company is a commercial door specialist. We believe in customer satisfaction. We install our doors with trained specialists that are reliable and will answer any questions you may have.

We have built our company on a recipe of values such as honesty and trust. We pride ourselves by installing handicap doors that your company will be happy with, and offering a level of customer service that you can depend on for your handicapped door needs. If you have an existing door that needs repair, "Who are you going to call?" IDS Doors, that is who! We deliver the door, install, and get it up and running in no time. The team at IDS Doors will treat you just like a part of the family. Tell us your needs and we will get right on it.


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